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KlasJet makes yellow waves

Making KlasJet famous

In May 2021, all of Lithuania, and soon after the rest of Europe, was swept by ‘yellow fever’. Just before the Eurovision Song Contest, Lithuanian representatives, The Roop, initiated the Yellow Wave Challenge, inviting the entire country to support their entry, Discotheque, through user generated content.


We seized the opportunity with our long-term private air charter client, KlasJet, by planning, creating, and promoting a ‘blitz’ campaign that had natural synergy between KlasJet, Eurovision, and The Roop. In just 5 days we created a music video that captured the essence of the track and the Eurovision competition by connecting them to the glamour, prestige, and wow factor that KlasJet provide to their customers.

Key results

Views on key social media channels


Major Lithuanian TV broadcasters aired our content.


Brand to initiate the ‘Yellow Wave’, inspiring personalities & other companies to follow worldwide.

“From concept to delivery, we needed quick turnarounds, but the standard of delivery remained impeccably high.”

Rita Domkutė
KlasJet CEO