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Sustainable marketing: challenges & opportunities

Sustainable marketing: what is it? Why do we need to talk about it? How is it different from the so-called greenwashing? Answers are fewer than questions. And even if we don’t have one correct explanation, we’ve tried to dig a…

Ugly Ads Trend: Why Is It on the Rise and Why Should More Brands Hop on It?

Ugly ads don’t mean the brand’s content or products are ugly — the ads themselves are simply created without an extremely high production quality or budget. They are also characterized by their unconventional aesthetics, offbeat humor, and sometimes downright bizarre…

Marketing trends to rule 2024

New year, new marketing challenges! With 2024 already in progress, what will shape digital strategies worldwide in the coming months? While the dynamic nature of the marketing industry makes it impossible to foresee every twist and turn, there are some…

Super Bowl LVIII

If you missed Super Bowl 58 or couldn’t stump up the $8,000 for a ticket in Las Vegas, then you’ve come to the right place! Our blog piece, “Reviewing the greatest show on earth”, will give you a whistle-stop tour…

Where Art Meets Marketing: Discover 5 Best Museum Campaigns

Art exhibitions and museums are sacred places, right? Right! So there’s obviously no scope for marketing or commercial creativity, right? Wrong! Although art and good old-fashioned capitalism don’t share many of the same ideologies, we have highlighted some smart ways…

Aviation’s Best Marketing Campaigns: Lessons for Success

In the post-pandemic era, the aviation industry is finding it harder than ever to attract and retain new travelers due to increased competition and public pressure over climate change. As a creative agency with a track record of successful projects…