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KlasJet: Brand Refresh


As a VIP charter carrier, KlasJet have always specialized in private, corporate, and luxury flights, with an excellent track record partnering with major sports clubs, businesspeople, and celebrities. But the time had come to diversify the portfolio to include another tier of clients, including major movie stars, musicians, politicians, and even royals. For that, we were tasked with uplifting the KlasJet website to ensure it had the allure for high-net-worth individuals and instantly recognizable personalities from around the world. Spoiler alert! We ended up creating a whole new brand identity, marketing assets, and, of course, the website itself.

Embracing the brand’s uniqueness

KlasJet’s website design at the time was starting to become less competitive in the market, and although it offered a high level of service at the time, it did not reflect what the company could offer today. Our team worked around the clock to ensure the website was clearer, more structured, and appealed to premium-level clientele.

We simplified the flight booking form, changed-up the layout, and added unique visuals and UI elements to resonate with KlasJet clients looking for a high-level service partner. The current website, brand identity, and marketing materials convey reliability, luxury, and service excellence — all in sync with the company’s goals and values.

Key results
Luxury VIP

Look & feel

Perfect reflection

Of what the company can offer


User experience

“”Ever since we uplifted our brand, it feels like everything has fallen into place. Thanks to PAN-PAN, the industry now recognizes us for who we truly are.”

Rita Domkutė
KlasJet CEO