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Aircraft Interior Tool


JETMS, an aviation company that offers aircraft painting, interior and exterior refurbishment services, was excited to become among the first to create an interactive ‘design & order’ platform. So were we! This development would allow their clients to experiment, see how different design choices would look in real life, and send a request directly to the service provider.

From zero to a design hero

To achieve the most lifelike outcome, we instantly knew that we must proceed with 3D software. There were two options: the CPU-based Corona render or the GPU-based Octane render. We opted for the former, understanding that while it demanded more time, it could give a much more realistic finish, especially when manipulating lighting and shading.

The next phase was research, spanning diverse aspects such as leather types, colors, textures, wood varieties, and other materials. All of this data then had to be systematically organized and visually showcased. Once the design was done, the WEB team took over to finalize the tool’s development.

The main challenge was starting from scratch and avoiding any preexisting frameworks as a foundation. Sure, having an example to follow could have made the process easier, but the requested product is very unique and there wasn’t anything quite like it out there.

Key results
Competitive edge

Gained market recognition for interior expertise

Multifunctional application

Simplified service sales

Setting the trend

Interactivity is soon to become standard practice

”We appreciate your assistance in introducing this fresh concept to the MRO sector, a change that is clearly reshaping the industry. Seeing competitors follow our lead feels very reassuring!”

Akvilė Bakūnaitė
Head of Communications & Marketing, JETMS